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Lady Leighann

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............Lady Leighann is a 58.4cm honey brown heirloom woolex teddy bear with a jointed head, hand embroidered features and tan ultrasuede paw pads. 

Lady Leighann wears a hand embroidered creamy velvet blouse under an embroidered light blue fleece and multi-coloured, brushed yarn dyed dress and soft ivory cotton bloomers.  A brushed yarn dyed bow compliments her costume and she holds a 14cm heirloom plush teddy bear with suede ribbon trim.

Lady Leighann is limited to 10000 pieces worldwide and comes complete with an antiqued copper vintage edition button grosgrain ribbon label and a parchment certificate of authenticity enclosed in a protective sleeve.

Lady Leighann was retired in 1999 and she is highly collectable and rare.

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